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"Not only is Nancy a wonderful energy therapist, she is a kind, intelligent, generous and skillful teacher and human being. Personally, I was healed a little more emotionally and physically every time I saw Nancy during my bout with lung cancer, when I received I.E.T. plus Nancy's wisdom twice a week. Her intuitive gifts, classes and healing skills continue to make a beautiful difference in my life even now, six years after I was diagnosed.  Another surprise I leaned about was that I could actually trust my own intuitiveness, which I learned to pay attention to from Nancy. That has not only been helpful to me in making decisions, but it has put a giant smile on my face every time I think about someone or have a question in mind, and the person or answers present themselves to me with no effort on my part. I learned to pay attention. Nancy is the real deal.  She can be trusted."

– Elayne K., MSW, Yardley PA


"I have known Nancy for many years, first as my Reiki and IET Master; then as mentor and friend. She is a powerful energy worker with an amazing ability to connect with her clients at the deepest levels, offering guidance with wisdom, integrity and, in my case, endless patience!"

– Lynda Estes, Office Manager


"I thank divine intervention for Nancy in my life. She kick-started my spiritual journey with an introduction to her amazing energy work and guidance more than 10 years ago. The combination of her training and knowledge of many modalities with her life experience, makes her a truly unique and powerful energy healer and teacher. This in turn leads you to your personal power. I will call her my spiritual mentor for the rest of my life and will always come to her for guidance of the highest order."

– Marcia LeBeau, South Orange, NJ
Mom, Founder of Madison Avenue Retreat, poet, advertising senior copywriter, violist, etc.


"I have always come away from your sessions lighter and wiser. They are life-altering in the best sense."

– Joan Young, Arizona,
Retired corporate executive, author of "Wish by Spirit" and the founder of PDSA (Platelet Disorder Support Association)


"Nancy is the best! I have been going to her for years and always look forward to and experience great shifts at our regular sessions. In addition to possessing a natural and amazing gift for energy healing, she works hard to continually evolve her expertise and skills by studying with and teaching alongside the leaders in her field. I highly recommend an in-person or telephone session with Nancy to anyone who wants to shift his or her energy. Her powerful clearing techniques will revive, re-energize and re-focus your efforts to achieving your highest potential and enjoying the journey."

– Elizabeth Gordon, Atlanta, GA, change management consultant


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Distance Healing

Energy is not bound by time or space. Try a telephone session for a convenient supportive connection.

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