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The AP Class (click for details)
The AP Class is a simple, direct, easily understood course of self-healing and soul connection. Working in the vein of Caroline Myss with the understanding your biography is your biology, the AP Class forms the underlying philosophy of Nancy’s work. Presented on a one-on-one basis, this course progresses at your own individual pace and makes your soul connection real because you'll look at it through the details and filter of your own life experience.

Integrated Energy Therapy® Classes
Perfect for self-healing in combination with other modalities or as a standalone healing art. Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels, each in one-day classes.

Reiki I, II, III and Master Teacher
This ancient hands-on healing and personal development system promotes
inner peace—a perfect place to start in support of your health and balance.

Unlocking the Messages of the Chakra
Use a pendulum to read the energy centers of the body. Taught in two sessions.

Healing with the Energy of the Angels
Experience angelic energy vibration at each of the energy centers of the body. A powerful experience of guided meditation.

Circle of Light
Play, practice and exercise your intuitive abilities with a supportive wisdom group.

The Connection: Body, Mind and Spirit
What are Reiki, Acupuncture, Acupressure and other components of energy-based bodywork all about? Where do they fit into a healing journey? In this workshop, expand your totally guilt-free understanding regarding the empowering topic of just how your biography becomes your biology. Important elements in the presentation are awareness and the cultivation of positive energy that beome the markers on a healing journey.

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The AP Class is a simple, direct, easily understood course of soul-level process that forms the underlying philosophy of Nancy’s work.
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Learn how your "biography becomes your biology."

– Nancy Russell

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