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The AP Class is a simple, direct, easily understood course of soul-level process that forms the underlying philosophy of Nancy’s work. Geared to your situation and point in time, it's a wonderful ongoing process of self-healing. Presented on a one-on-one basis, the AP Class helps you integrate all the spiritual practices, books, classes and sessions.

This course, which progresses at your own individual pace, makes your soul connection real because you'll look at it through the details and filter of your own life experience.

You will:
  • Focus and practice using your own personal journey, specific challenges and repetitive unpleasant patterns in life experience.
  • Benefit from the energy that facilitates and heightens your energetic vibration and awareness.
  • Enjoy Nancy's gentle guidance, personal perspectives and direction as you practice the technique using your specific situations and issues.
  • Learn the Four A's of Ease: Important steps to apply to your life-challenges, health issues, depression, negative patterns and stuck attitudes.
  • Own the simple process by the end of class: AP > EMPOWERMENT and JOY!

For more information and to sign up for The AP Class, contact Nancy Russell at 215-493-1431 or send her an email.

The Four A's of Ease

Learn to Lighten Up...automatically...with the Four A's of Ease:

  1. Awareness: Starts with YOUR-SELF—your observation of your own emotion (energy-in-motion).
  1. Absorption: Invite neutral curiosity to the observation. Learning in the experience of your own emotions is about enhancing your personal understanding and loving compassion as you honor your experience and the outcomes of your journey.
  1. Acceptance: Embrace that feeling with compassionate understanding and you will automatically start to learn from it and integrate. Practice staying in "neutral." It happens most easily by using or embracing the idea of no judgment.
  1. Appreciation: Life is the result of your appreciation of your process and journey. It is about gratitude as part of the love vibration; an attitude of gratitude for the perfection that actually exists in each moment.

The AP Class Rules

Offered for your discernment:

  1. Energy follows thought.
  2. Everything you say, think and do matters. EVERYTHING.
  3. You are not a victim.
  4. You are a co-creator of your energetic experience (a learner).
  5. The more you learn to look at life symbolically, the easier it becomes.
  6. Pretending, avoiding and denial (spiritual by-pass) does not work.
  7. Consider the big picture. Polarity focus (duality) is limiting. Right or wrong, black or white, etc. New Energy/Spirit is always about the total view ("this and this too").
  8. You can't fall off your path...and you know you are on your way when your path comes up to meet your foot.

Ultimately, the A's of Ease are simply a source of spiritual focus and practice. The only question becomes: "Are you having enough fun?" A good gauge is to ask oneself at the end of the day: "Are you bitter or better?"

For more information and to schedule an appointment, contact Nancy Russell at 215-493-1431 or email


"Energy follows thought, so everything we think, say and do matters.
It matters because it creates the future."

– Nancy Russell

Distance Healing

Energy is not bound by time or space. Try a telephone session for a convenient supportive connection.

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